Microsurgical / Surgical Instruments

Micro Scissors / Needle holders

From the beginning, we have specialised in the manufacture of high quality spring scissors and needle holders. As we produce almost countless types of these instruments, we can only show a small selection in this place. For our customers and upon request, we are able to produce almost any variant with outstanding quality at a competitive price. Please contact us for a free quote!

Tube shaft instruments

Tubular shaft instruments for conservative and minimally invasive surgery made by STRUB MEDICAL are famous for their utmost precision, workmanship and functionality.

Our range of tubular shaft instruments includes various different types, e.g. with angled, backward directed, straight, short, curved left and right, as well as rotated working ends.

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Surgical Instruments

We specialize in cutting microsurgical instruments, but do also provide standard and custom made instruments for a wide range of applications.

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